Viaduct International

Welcome to Viaduct


We Create. We take Risks. We live our Passions. We are Entrepreneurs.



You did it.

You didn’t wait for the opportunity to knock, you built the door.
You are an entrepreneur. If it were easy everyone would do it. 
It’s not, and we know that first-hand. 

The unfortunate truth is that 50% percent of small business startups fail within 5 years due to lack of planning, poor management and insufficient capital. 

That’s where we can help. 

At its core, Viaduct International understands and appreciates the perseverance it takes to be an entrepreneur, which is why our mission is to help seed-stage businesses succeed by getting to market faster and smarter.

Why are we good at this? 

We have the experience, relationship capital, and influence to make you and your business more strategic, connected and productive.


Our versatile team are experts at:

➤ Developing business strategies that better define your core competencies, objectives, and functions.
➤ Strategic relationship connections and management
➤ Building investment capital
➤ Sales and marketing strategy
➤ Logistics execution and support



We’re real people who won't try to impress you with expensive suits or fancy talk. We’re down-to-earth, grounded and value loyalty, respect and being direct.