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point of care physician dispensing



DocScrips believes that a patient’s prescription medication compliance is best managed by the physician and their staff at the point of care. With that in mind, DocScrips provides physician practice groups of all sizes with a low-cost, scalable and fully-integrated ordering and inventory management system. DocScrips also provides our clients with standard and customized reporting capabilities to manage every aspect of your point of care dispensing program. Through our cloud-based data portal, a practice may identify and analyze multiple data points: This data may include sorting by doctor, practice group, prescription drugs dispensed vs. prescribed, accounts receivable collections and many financial based reports.


➤ Benefits

DocScrips dispensing systems is designed to provide added value and enhanced benefits to all patients, physicians, and their staff in the following ways:


➤ Compliance – at least 30% of new prescriptions go unfilled through outdated methods
➤ Satisfaction – patients are able to receive medication at point of care
➤ Convenience – no more waiting 30-45 mins at local pharmacy
➤ Sterility – medications presorted in clean room ensuring they never comingle
➤ Revenue Enhancement – capture revenues on medications prescribed typically paid to pharmacy chains