Viaduct International

NanoSafe Coatings


GR-AD Pro is a technology that can provide persistent protection at a cost much less than current antimicrobial technology. Our team of professionals is dedicated to developing innovative products and providing solutions for our clients. We have extensive knowledge in multiple industries, addressing the growing demand in the healthcare, food service, oil and gas, paper and pulp, plastics, textile, and skin care communities for the next level of microbial control.

Our technology is 100% non-toxic and free from volatile organic compounds, arsenic, polychlorinated phenols or heavy metals. Our products are available in a resin and liquid form suited for mixing, compounding, and dispersing. They can also be surface treated onto pigments and fillers, rendering them antimicrobial. For direct surface treatment use, our product can also be incorporated into solvent or water based formulations at various concentrations. Each industry can have custom formulations for a range of technology platforms: thermoplastics and thermoset resins, oil/gas biocide treatments, water or solvent based coating/treatments, adhesives, caulkings, agricultural sprays and cosmetics.


GR-AD Pro is an economical and much more cost-effective option compared to silver and triclosan-based technologies.


GR-AD Pro does not promote adaptive organisms or allow organisms to become immune to the formula’s mode of action.


GR-AD Pro physically ruptures the cell membrane, while other technologies release disruptive radicals that can cause mutations or adaptions.


GR-AD Pro is chemically-bound and non-leaching. Other technologies can leach out and be metabolized by cells.