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PPW Partners with Level 1 Diagnostics

We're proud to announce our partnership with Dr. Helschein, founder of the latest cardiovascular technology:

Level 1 Diagnostics is designed to help healthcare providers diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease in their patients.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the U.S. Early detection and prevention is the key to cardiovascular health. Over 50% of American men and women who experience a heart attack have no prior knowledge or symptoms of their heart disease and almost 50% of first time heart attack patients do not survive the event.

Currently, providers' offices may perform screening tests, but the screenings are not as comprehensive or predictive as Level 1 Diagnostics' testing. The Level 1 Diagnostics program includes the world’s foremost medical devices in detecting early cardiovascular disease, which has made Level 1 Diagnostics testing the gold standard.  The program consists of simple, technologically- advanced noninvasive tests. Sometimes the tests uncover serious heart disease, in which case, those patients are immediately referred for further testing or treatment.

Stephanie Cirillo